Friday, 11 January 2013

Leaked some images of the Blackberry ad Z10 (L-Series)?

Leaked some images of the Blackberry ad Z10 (L-Series)?

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So just over two weeks from now, we will witness the launch of the devices running BlackBerry OS 10 at the event on 31/1 held by RIM. Perhaps the time from now until then is no longer how long should a series of leaked information about BB10 smartphone constantly appearing, and most recently advertising images for the Z10 (L-Series) - is expected to be the first BlackBerry 10 RIM will introduce to the user. Accordingly, the Rapid page Berry has recently published a series of photos to promote the Z10 (black and white), which refers to a number of features such as BBM Video, Time Shift Camera, keyboards, share screen, the browser. Basically, the Z10's design this time is not much different than the BB10 that Essence has on hand before.

Besides the Z10, we also have some other information related to the BB10. Specifically, in an interview with the press recently, RIM's CMO, Frank Boulben disclose corporate Canada to introduce technology to consumers at the same time two smartphones: Net flow sensor and the keyboard Qwerty on 31/1 here. Also, Boulben also said in 2013, RIM will release at least 6 BB10 smartphone market, he declined to mention specific period of time. Surely with the news on, 2013 promises to be an exciting year as well as challenges for RIM.

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