Tuesday, 20 November 2012

BaambooPlayer v2.3

BaambooPlayer v2.3

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Item Description:

I like listening to music on my BB, simply because BB is always beside me, PM Integrated music player is pretty handy and easy to use. Quality player on the BB, to me, it was great to meet more than enough for their own needs (because of the negative evaluation as further advanced his ear, well ... difficult distinct) (hik!)

You know not, my BB hear music lossless! lines 81, 88 is not, but the Blackberry 9700 read the file Music Flac tail here (MP3 Flac five times the capacity and quality as the original => this one you are interested to learn more offline).

Karaoke you, but maybe you still do not know Karaoke is the invention, creation of Japan, right? (motorcycles, karaoke, instant noodles, etc. are the world famous Japanese invented it). Also, do not know your Blackberry can listen to music "style" Karaoke, until I read this: Baamboo Player Premium - music software with many additional features.

And more, the Baamboo Player software can bring anything to us, I would like to give some relevant content!

Fantastic music lyrics player with many additional features
- Allow editing metadata (ID3 tag) in mp3 files (title, album, artist, ...)
- Browse music by folders, exclude folders that you don't want to load.
- Multi songs selection for playling.
- Control the now playing list: add and remove songs, select to play/pause a song.
- Sleep timer.

Download to PC: Download zip/rar

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