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Vendor: GLN LLC 
Ver. 1.2 
OS: 4.3 ++


Age Calculator Pro - Calculates the age based on the date of birth and another date (default is the current date).
Calculates the age based on the date of birth and another date (default is the current date).
Not all of us are good at mathematics, isn’t it? We still remember how we used to be scared to death at the thought of Maths test or even solving a mathematical problem. But sometimes, we just can’t do without it. Say for example, when you need to calculate your present age with accuracy. For such situations, Age Calculator Pro is surely going to be of great help.


A cool application, that is simple yet very useful, Age Calculator Pro v1.0 has been designed by GLN LLC. To use this application, you need to provide your date of birth. Along with it, supply the present date with respect to which you want to calculate the age. After this, the rest of the job is done by Age Calculator Pro, which accurately calculates your age and displays the result before you.


If you have any doubts regarding the credibility of the results of this application, all that can be said is, experience it once. Age Calculator Pro is amazingly simple to use. There are no hidden complexities in its operation. All you have to do is just enter your date of birth. Secondly, you need to provide a reference date, related to which your age will be calculated.

Even if you forget to provide the second date, you will get results. How is it possible? Simple! In the absence of any second date, the current date becomes the default date. Your age will be calculated with respect to the current date. Not only this, your age will be given in years, months, weeks as well as days! Superb, isn’t it?

Do you need more reasons as to why you must get this application today? Well, if you insist, then we should let you know, that Age Calculator Pro does not require you to shell out any penny in order to possess it. It is absolutely free! So now, you can grab it and install it in your BlackBerry device and keep count of your age. Make sure that your device has an operating system among these: 4.2, 4.3, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7 Non-Touch, 4.7 Touch Screen, 5.0. The display dimensions of the device should be among 240×320, 320×240, 360×480, 480×320 and 480×360. For BlackBerry Storm, you must disable the compatibility mode to use Age Calculator Pro. For queries, you can contact the Technical Help Desk through their website.

PC: Download zip/rar



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Vendor: Toysoft, Inc 
Ver. 2.0 
OS: 5.0 ++

Fake Call is a program that is intended to give Blackberry owners a way to escape impromptu office meetings and unwanted social interactions by simulating incoming phone calls.

Fake Call is a program that is intended to give Blackberry owners a way to escape impromptu office meetings and unwanted social interactions by simulating incoming phone calls!

A call will materialize from anyone you want, your phone will light up like a Christmas tree, your favorite ringtone will sound and, when you accept your fake call, an active call screen identical to a real one will display and an optional voice file can be set up to play when you answer the call! This program is a true escape from any unwanted situation!


· BlackBerry OS 4.2 or later
· Optional external SD Card for custom ringtones


· Ringtones are disabled on the SD card.
· The work "DEMO VERSION" is displayed on the call screen and the answer screen.
· Whenever you start FakeCall you will be asked for the registration code.



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Vendor: Electronic Arts, Inc. 
Ver. 14.2.94 
OS: OS 5.0++

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 for BlackBerry by EA Review

Currently, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 by Electronic Ats is being featured in the App World carousel and considering how much of a huge success the franchise has been in gaming history, it was hard to avoid paying the $2.99 to give it a try. While UMK3 has a pretty wide range of device support, the Torch was used for this review.

When you boot up the app, be sure to be in landscape mode. UMK3 doesn’t support portrait mode, due to the way the game is played. As you can see from the below screenshot, the controls use a virtual joystick and two buttons (one for regular attack and the other for a special). Fighting is done with a basic combination of ‘down+special’ or ‘back+attack’. As with most mobile games, you’re seriously limited by what you can do with the device, and the cramped key space means that developers have to get creative with how you play the game.

The most fun part of UMK3 was how easy it was to do a finishing move. I remember back in the day playing Mortal Kombat for first Nintendo system and figuring out how to do a finishing move was harder than translating the first hieroglyphics. The button combinations were absurdly long and the timing had to be just right. Unless you had a subscription to Nintendo Power, you weren’t going to figure it out. With UMK3, the finishing moves are often simply a matter of pressing the special button when the “Finish Him” screen comes up. There’s an element of nostalgia watching the finishing moves, and it was good of EA to make them so easy.


The least fun part of UMK3 was just how basic the controls were and the fact that the developers chose to do a VS fighting game in the same style as the original. This sort of game just doesn’t work on a mobile. The virtual joystick is unresponsive, awkward and the buttons generally don’t respond in the way you expect them to. If EA wanted to do a Mortal Kombat for mobile, they should have avoided the act of walking and moving entirely, because it’s just too hard to do on a BlackBerry.

If you’re looking for a simplified MK experience, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 sort of delivers. The real downside to this game is that the developers weren’t able to come up with a game that made sense for mobile. Instead, the took a console game and took out a few elements in the hopes of making it playable. This sort of worked, but it doesn’t come close to delivering the sort of fun you had on the arcade version.

Porting console and arcade games to mobile is a great test of a developer’s creativity and EA should have done something a little more out of the box with this one. If you’re pressing more than 2 buttons, you probably haven’t quite got it.

Qrthis Scanner

Qrthis Scanner

Tags: Qrthis Scanner v0.8.2, Qrthis Scanner for blackberry

Vendor: AcADIeN 
Ver. v0.8.2 
OS: 6.0

Qrthis Scanner is a free QR scanner, but why another QR scanner ? This app will give you the ability to Auto Start the scanner when you open the app (meaning that you can set the app behind a convenience key and have it auto scan automatically), Auto Open what's behind the QR code (with the option of vibrating), and save it in an history list that you can clean up if you want, you can also show the QR code that you've scanned before to share it with your friends.

***WARNING - OS 6+ ONLY***

Be aware that RIM changed the user-facing disclaimer about recording (which will say Personal Information) The Personal Information that my app need is the Camera Recording, which according to RIM is a Personal Information.

This app will always be free!

Vibrate option (suggested by Caboose22's review)
Fixing freeze issue.

Scan QR code
Show primary phone number QR code (have to be set up on the SIM card option)
Show BBM QR Code (same as when you show your QR Code in BBM)
Auto Scan on start
Auto Open on scan

Download: Download zip/rar

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500+ formulae catering to Mechanical Eng., Hydraulic Eng., Structural Eng., Machine Design, Electrical Eng., Fluid Mechanics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Thermodynamics, Pulp and Paper, HVAC, Heat Exchanger, Pipe Flow & Automotive.

A must have for Engineers. Empower yourself with instant references and solutions of frequently encountered calculation at your finger tips. Just few taps, and all the calculations that consumed lots of efforts and time will
vanish, there by increasing efficiency. This means you will have more time to analyze your information and make better informed decisions, thus helping your company maintain a competitive edge.

The EngineersCalc allows you to Convert a number from one set of units to another, calculate the inertia of a common shape, determine the density of a material in a particular unit, or look up a common trigonometric or calculus function


Calculations in US or Metric units. No need to convert values.
New Group of Automobile Calculators added with 80 Calculators & 80+ new Electrical calculators. That makes 500+ Calculators for all groups combined.
In-Place unit conversion to switch between US - Metric units.
New updated units list with new Units & Categories/Properties.
Faster Calculations.
100 + property tables. The most exhaustive collection of reference tables.

• Units Conversion
• Inertia Calculations
• Materials Density Reference List
• Trigonometric and Calculus Reference
• Email and Text/SMS Sharing
• Global Settings
• 28 parameters, hundreds of units
• Cylinder
• Parallelepiped
• Spherical shell
• Sphere
• Slender rod
• Tetrahedron

Blackberry 89XX Curve Series (480*360): 8900(Javelin), 8910(Atlas), 8930, 8950, 8980/Blackberry 90XX Bold (Onyx) Series (480*320) Devices Models: 9000, 9020(Onyx)/Blackberry 96XX Tour (Niagara) Series (480*360):9600, 9630, 9650(Tour2), 9700(Bold2), 9780, Dakota, Apollo

Download: Download zip/rar



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Vendor: MMMOOO 
Ver. 1.0 
OS: 4.5 ++


iGallery turns your BlackBerry into a digital photo frame!

1. Play photo slide automatically.
2. You can customize the play period.
3. Password support. Make sure your phone's security.

If you enable the password function. Please turn off the original BlackBerry password to get the best effect.
With the BlackBerry Screensaver officially announced today, we have the free screensaver iGallery released at the same time.

iGallery is a new screensaver which could play photo slide automatically. With the big screen on Storm/Storm2, you could also play it as a digital photo frame. :) iGallery contains the newest tech from MMMOOO. You could have a password for iGallery so that others will not see your secret on your phone. And iGallery won't drain your battery. When running in the background and screen light dims, the photo will not change so that saves the battery.

iGallery is free for download. You can get it from the newest BlackBerry Screensaver site.

Here's a video preview for you. If you cannot see the video below, you can click here to watch it on YouTube.

STORE: Download zip/rar

RIM Distributes BlackBerry 10 Developer Toolkit

RIM Distributes BlackBerry 10 Developer Toolkit

RIM’s commitment to developers

During the keynote, Saunders stated that RIM has invested heavily in the developer ecosystem. His comment was backed up by the availability of tools designed to help developers get up to speed on the BlackBerry 10 platform quickly; this ranges from the Cascades Builder to the Ripple HTML5 Emulator to the Visual Studio plug-in - all of which are currently available at no cost.

“It’s easy to develop for the BlackBerry,” says Saunders, who pledged that the company will continue to invest in the developer ecosystem. Qualified developers were handed BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha devices at the end of the one-day event. Built at a small in-house manufacturing facility in Waterloo, Canada, these devices were created for the sole purpose of testing BlackBerry 10 apps.

Moreover, RIM will be offering a US$10,000 guarantee to developers who submit a BlackBerry 10 app in time for the launch of BlackBerry 10 devices, which is currently expected to happen in the first quarter of 2013. If an app doesn’t generate $10,000 in revenue by the end of one year, RIM says it will make good the difference. Full conditions for the program aren’t available yet, but it is understood that apps will have to be certified by an independent third party for quality and must be a paid app to qualify.

ORLANDO—RIM today unveiled its new BlackBerry 10 operating system. Not to be overshadowed, the company has also released an initial developer toolkit for native and HTML5 software development.
"Developers building for BlackBerry 10 will be able to easily create the kind of cutting-edge apps that deliver truly engaging experiences and 'wow' customers, whether through integration with native features and other apps like BBM or by leveraging the new signature design elements of this new and powerful mobile computing platform," Alec Saunders, vice president of developer relations and ecosystems development, said here at BlackBerry World.
According to Christopher Smith, vice president of handheld application platform and tools, "developers can use this first beta of the tools to get started building apps for BlackBerry 10 and as the tools evolve over the coming months, developers will have access to a rich API set that will allow them to build even more integrated apps… BlackBerry 10 will empower developers to create attractive and compelling apps that excite customers."
The toolkit includes the BlackBerry 10 Native SDK with Cascades, which allows developers to build graphics intensive applications without having to write graphics code. And the Native SDK for BlackBerry 10 has a large set of APIs that give developers access to core device features and a range of BlackBerry application services, such as Push and Payment services.
The toolkit also includes support for HTML5 application developers with the BlackBerry 10 WebWorks SDK, which allows developers to create native-like applications using common Web-programming technologies.
To help developers get started on the BlackBerry 10 platform, RIM is distributing a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device at BlackBerry World. This testing unit will provide the developer community with the tools needed to build applications for BB10 devices, so that they are ready when the first BB10-powered devices launch "in the latter part of 2012."
The developer toolkit is available in beta as a free download from Applications created with any of the BB10 tools will run on BlackBerry 10 smartphones as well as the BlackBerry PlayBook when it receives and update to the new OS.
While it's true that current BlackBerry devices have suffered a massive dip in popularity, partially due to the lack of available, quality third-party apps, we still haven't seen a whole lot of BlackBerry 10 itself today. This morning's presentation, and most of the events scheduled for the next few days, are all focused on development.



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Vendor: Impatica Inc 
Ver. 1.0.39 
OS: 4.5 ++


Impatica Connector is the BlackBerry® component of Impatica viaDock and also allows for BlackBerry® screen projection using the Impatica ShowMate.

Impatica viaDock allows access to your BlackBerry® from your PC or Mac, providing the comforts of a large monitor and keyboard to operate your BlackBerry®. Whether you wish to conveniently and securely access BlackBerry® based enterprise applications from home or while on the road, share the content of your screen with others in the same location or remotely over the Internet, or simply want the comfort and convenience of your large screen and keyboard, Impatica viaDock is the answer. Impatica viaDock also includes features such as shared clipboards and PC call monitoring and answering that will allow you to make even more productive use of your BlackBerry®.

Impatica viaDock is perfect for in-person or Internet based sales presentations and training, screen captures for online tutorials and presentations, simplified use of the BlackBerry® functions, application testing and reporting plus much more. For additional information please go to:

To purchase the Impatica viaDock application for just $39.99 go to:

Impatica ShowMate is a tiny hardware device that will allow you to break free from your laptop by giving PowerPoint presentations or display your handheld screen contents directly from their BlackBerry®, without a PC. The ShowMate has received multiple awards including the Most Innovative Wireless Device of the year at the 2007 CTIA conference and a BlackBerry® Wireless Leadership Award in the Business Impact category at the 2009 Wireless Enterprise Symposium. For additional information please go to:

The Impatica ShowMate can be purchased for $149.99 from the same location:

STORE: Download zip/rar



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Item Description

OverDrive Media Console gives you on-the-go access to eBooks and audiobooks from your public, school, or college library. More than 18,000 libraries worldwide offer best-selling and classic titles via OverDrive, so use the 'Get Books' feature in the app to find a library near you. 

With the launch of PlayBook OS 2.0, OverDrive Media Console now allows users to access digital titles on their BlackBerry tablets. The OMC app for PlayBook has the same great functionality seen on other platforms, allowing you to check out and download titles right from your device. All you have to do is make sure you install the most up-to-date firmware on your PlayBook, search for ‘OverDrive’ in App World then install the app. You’ll be listening to audiobooks or reading eBooks in no time.

PlayBook OS 2.0 makes the BlackBerry tablet even more appealing than it was before. If you’re currently in the market for such a device, but are on the fence, the PlayBook is a solid choice. Priced around $200 to $250, this 7-inch tablet offers more features than much of its similarly priced competition. You get dual cameras (front and back), 16GB (or more) of storage and a beautiful screen.  It even comes with a neoprene sleeve!

Welcome to the family, PlayBook!

Download eBooks and audiobooks from your library directly to your BlackBerry!

How do library eBooks and audiobooks work? 

Digital titles from your library are borrowed just like print material. Once you find your library using 'Get Books', you can browse your library's digital collection on the web, check out a title with a valid library card, and download the title directly to your BlackBerry. 

Each EPUB eBook and MP3 audiobook that you check out has a lending period. While borrowing the digital title, you can enjoy it using the app's eBook reader or audiobook player. The title automatically expires in the app at the end of the lending period, so there's never a late fee. There's even a handy countdown clock built into the app so you know how long you have to read or listen before the title expires.

What happens if a digital title is already checked out?

Just like with physical material from the library, you can join a waiting list.  All you need to do is enter your email address and you'll receive an alert when the title is available for check out.

Don't want to wait? Many libraries offer thousands of EPUB eBook downloads that are always available. Just check for the 'Additional eBooks' link at the bottom of the digital collection homepage and you can get a free eBook from your library that's yours to keep—without a lending period. You'll discover timeless books and find yourself reading more than ever before with this diverse collection.

You can also download DRM-free EPUB eBooks from other online sources and read them in the OverDrive Media Console app.

Want more books? 

Each library builds a custom digital collection of eBooks and audiobooks specifically for their local community. Contact your library and let them know that you are using OverDrive on your BlackBerry and would like to see additional titles in the digital collection.

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Tags: hp blackberry app world, hp blackberry 2010, hp blackberry download, hp eprint blackberry fails, blackberry mail app, hp eprint mobile printing solution, hp eprint check status, hp eprint mobile app


Blackberry 82XX Series (240x320) Pearl Flip 8200, 8220, 8350i 8230/Blackberry (320 * 240) 8500, 8520/Blackberry 83XX Series (320 * 240) Curve 8300, 8310, 8320, 8330 / Blackberry 87XX Series (320 * 240) 8700c, 8700r, 8700f, 8700g, 8703e, 8707, 8707g, 8707v / Blackberry vv Series 88XX (320 * 240) 8800, 8820, 8830 etc / Blackberry Curve 89XX Series (480 * 360): 8900 (Javelin), 8910/ 90XX Blackberry Bold (Onyx) Series (480 * 320) 9000, 9020 (Onyx) / Blackberry 96XX Tour (Niagara) Series ( 480 * 360): 9600, 9630, 9650 (Tour2), 9700 (Bold2) / Blackberry Storm 95XX Series (360 * 480): 9500, 9510, 9520, 9530, 9550 (Storm2), 9800.

HP ePrint is the essential app for printing from your Blackberry (OS 4.5 or later) to your HP printer.  Whether at home, in the office or "on-the-go", easily print your digital content to your HP Printer via the Cloud or secure business network (1).  Also, easily print to thousands of HP ePrint Public Print Locations worldwide. (2,3)

Upgrades existing HP ePrint app, and combines innovative, convenient HP printing solutions into one powerful app.

Content Supported:
Microsoft Office documents, web pages, email attachments, photos, PDF and text files.

Printers Supported:
Supports all HP ePrint enabled Printers including HP Officejet, HP LaserJet, HP Photosmart, HP Deskjet and HP Envy.  

What you can do:
- Easy one-time setup and registration to enable full range of printing options
- Print wirelessly from virtually anywhere to supported HP printers with an internet connection:
  o Via the Cloud:  Print to any registered HP ePrint-enabled printer or to any HP ePrint Public Print Location.(3)
  o Via a secure Network:  Support for HP ePrint Enterprise, a private cloud-based solution for corporate network printers (optional, must be purchased separately). For more information, check (3)
- Easily add printers connected to your network as well as HP ePrint printers via their HP ePrint email address
- Get intelligent guidance to choose the best printer or public print location to handle your print job based on history, job type and more. (1,2)
- Control print job settings, monitor printer and print job status.

HP ePrint Public Print Locations: Search for and print to thousands of HP ePrint Public Print Locations including print and copy retail stores, hotels, airport lounges and more (3), including:
o FedEx Office and UPS Store locations, Wal-Mart stores (photo printing only), Swiss Post stores, Many Hilton hotels, Airport kiosks and VIP lounges, and  other print locations powered by PrinterOn.
o Maintain confidentiality: receive a unique pickup code for your print job.

For more information visit

(1) Requires Internet- and email-capable BlackBerry® smartphone OS 4.5 or newer; Printing capability via ePrint; requires Blackberry Internet Service for HP Public Print Locations; using Blackberry with HP ePrint Enterprise requires BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) deployment. Printing via a direct wireless connection with printer is not supported for BlackBerry® devices.
(2) May require HP Web Services Account Registration. Select features require one-time ePrint service activation from HP ePrint app.
(3) Usage of HP ePrint app at mobile print locations and HP ePrint Enterprise requires separately purchased wireless Internet service. Availability and cost of printing varies by mobile print location. Public print location availability program availability in US, Canada and select European countries. Solution works with PCL5/6, PCL3, PCL3GUI printers (HP and non-HP). HP ePrint Enterprise requires HP ePrint Enterprise server software.

Store: Download zip/rar



Tags: mundu radio app blackberry torch 9800, mundu radio app blackberry, mundu radio para blackberry

Unlimited radio stations
Access to dozens of pre-defined Digital Radio stations across all popular categories – Pop, Rock, Classical, Bollywood, Instrumental, Country, Hip-Hop and many more.

Personal play list
User defined play lists – Create your personal playlist and update it on your device if you have changed it on the server.

Get Lyrics
Not only hear but sing along your favorite song. Use the exclusive Get Lyrics option to get the lyrics of a particular song. If the application is able to find the lyrics, it will display in the Lyrics tab. You can store/delete the lyrics in the Manage Lyrics tab.

Play Mp3 stored in your handset
Mundu radio provides options that help you play local mp3 stored on your device. The user shall have the option to get lyrics for the stored mp3 song as well.

Invite your friends
Why not let your friends enjoy it too! Invite all your contacts to use mundu radio via sms.

mundu radio provides an option to search station or genre from the playlist.

Easy to use
Tab based UI has been designed specifically for moving seamlessly across the application.

Seamless integration with Blackberry functions
Seamlessly switch to mundu radio from any other application (browser, mail, sms…) on your mobile. There will be a menu option available as “Open mundu radio”.

Recent List
The Recent List feature captures the recently played stations, local music, and music played from a URL. You can limit the number of entries in the Recent List by making appropriate selections in the Preferences screen.

You can add the frequently accessed stations, local music, and music played from a URL to the Favorites List. You can add up to 50 stations to this list. You can also add/delete a station from the list.
Data monitor
The Data Monitor screen appears with the information about the data received and sent.

Immediate connectivity
Quick access to most frequently tuned stations.

Digital Music
High quality MP3 audio playback.

Authentication & Secure Login to the mundu radio service.

Blackberry 8300,Blackberry 8310,Blackberry 8320,Blackberry 8330,Blackberry 8350i,Blackberry 8700f,Blackberry 8700g,Blackberry 8700r,Blackberry 8703e,Blackberry 8707,Blackberry 8707g,Blackberry 8707v,Blackberry 8800,Blackberry 8820,Blackberry 8830,Blackberry Curve 9300 

Download: Download zip/rar

Ringtone Composer

Ringtone Composer

Tags: use ringtone composer blackberry, download ringtone composer blackberry, ringtone composer free blackberry, ringtone composer free para blackberry

Vendor: The Jared Company 
Ver. 1.155.0 
OS: 5++


We’ve seen ringtone applications in the past that allow you to create ringtones right on your BlackBerry.  JaredCo just released Ringtone Composer which is absolutely free to download and lets you do the same thing other premium ringtone apps do.  Here’s how to make a ringtone using Ringtone Composer:

    Simply choose any MP3 tune in your BlackBerry® music archives click your Menu button, select “Create Ringg Tone” and choose the sounds you want to hear.  (** If you don’t see ‘Create Ring Tone’ menu item please restart your BlackBerry® **)
    Create the start points and the length for the ringtone of your favorite concerto with two clicks.
    Once you’ve created your glam-rock ringtone, save it with a couple of clicks so each time you connect, your favorite rocker announces the call.
    Get tired of one ringtone? Ringtone Composer simplifies the swap out of one clip for another as your musical mood shifts from light jazz to hip hop.
    There’s no re-configuring required. Just download and access your favorite music using Ringtone Composer from JaredCo.
    And last, but not least – the RINGTONE COMPOSER IS FREE. Totally free.
    Save and swap tunes daily, hourly if you want to play DJ. Ringtone Composer de-hassle-izes creating ringtones from your music collection. No sweat and your ringtones sound cool.



Tags: pocket express blackberry curve, pocket express blackberry bold, pocket express blackberry torch, pocket express blackberry storm, pocket express blackberry sprint, pocket express blackberry review


Personally, I tend not to browse the Web too much on my mobile. I find it takes a bit too long to check all the various news sites and information services on the device - time which I don't normally have when I'm on the move.

As a result, I was very interested to try out Pocket Express, an app which assimilates all the latest news and information in one place. All of the information is available easily through the program's ultra-simple main menu. You simply click on one of the nine icons to take you directly to that kind of information (News, Sports, Weather, Finance, Entertainment, Movies, Travel, Horoscopes and access to 24-hour tech support).

The 'News' section in Pocket Express is very well presented, offering you a rundown of the top ten stories, each with a headline and a thumbnail image. You just click on one of these headlines to open it up and read it. You can change the category of news using the icons at the bottom of the menu. The only thing is, the news is very U.S-centric, which might annoy you if you don't live there (there is a World News section, though). It's also worth bearing in mind that most of the stories come via the Associated Press. Although this is a very credible news organization, it by no means presents the whole picture in terms of current World events.

Besides its news section, Pocket Express has some other very useful functions, which are again available with just a single click from the main menu. For instance, you can check the weather in your current location or anywhere else in the world, view the hottest stocks through the 'Finance' section, and even see show times at your local cinema. I particularly like the 'Travel' feature, where you can view routes and schedules for flights across the globe.

One of the few criticisms I have about Pocket Express is that it has a heavy focus on America - not just in its news and sports coverage but also in the fact that some features, such as the movie show times will not work outside the USA.

On the whole though, Pocket Express presents an exceptionally quick and easy way of filling yourself in on the events of the day.

STORE: Download zip/rar

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