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Ice Age Blackberry

Ice Age Blackberry

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Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs 

Our beloved sub-zero heroes return for an action-packed rescue mission. Follow the adventures of Sid the Sloth and all new character Buck the Weasel as they reprise another round of prehistoric fun.

Follow the adventures of Sid the Sloth and all-new character Buck the Weasel as they come back for another round of prehistoric fun. Sid has disappeared into a strange world beneath the ice and needs to escape the nasty dinosaurs and find his friends.

Buck searches for Sid, but runs into some unfamiliar animals along the way. Slide down steep hills, ride atop dinosaurs, and swing from tall cliffs to find and protect Sid's dinosaur eggs! Avoid dangers like carnivorous plants, deadly tar pits, molten lava, and new prehistoric predators as you journey into the lost world.

Every level presents an innovative challenge, but the Ice Age regulars are here to guide you! Continue the quest as Ice Age enters the Age of the Dinosaurs!

Blackberry 89XX (Javelin) Curve Series (480*360): 8900/Blackberry 96XX Tour (Niagara) Series (480*360):9600, 9630, 9700(Bold)

Store: Download zip/rar

Photo Editor

Photo Editor

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photo editor app blackberry

Ver. 2.0.3 
OS: 5.0+


Get Value for your money, we have amazing features like CROP, DOODLE, PAINT, FILTERS and FRAMES! Get this BlackBerry® Super App Challenge Regional Selection Winner for a discounted price. Hurry while promotion lasts!

Version Legend

V 1.0.0 - Basic - Crop, Rotate, Adjust Brightness and Contrast, Filters, Send to Email and Resize
V 1.0.1 - Frames Added
V 1.2.0 - French Supported
V 2.0.0 - Paid Upgrade - New UI, Draw with a Pen or Brush, Add Color, Add Shapes, Add Text, Full RGB Control and Undo
V 2.0.1 - Spanish Supported and New Pop Art Filter
V 2.0.2 - Share on Facebook
V 2.0.3 - Gallery Support Added
V 2.1.0 - Sharpen, Blur Effects and New Filters
V 2.2.0 - Auto Correct, Night Filters (Neon, Static, Gistogram, Solar), New UI
V 2.2.1 - Released for the PlayBook
V 2.2.2 - Bugs resolved for the PlayBook
V 2.2.3 - 10 New Filters Added for the PlayBook
V 2.2.4 - Bug fixes for the new Bold Touch devices
V 2.2.5 - Paint and Doodle Features Coming Soon for the Playbook!

Your BlackBerry® takes great pictures and you use it all the time to record the happy moments in your life. What if you want to edit your photo, adjust the brightness level, crop it a little, rotate or recolor the picture to make it perfect and then share it with your loved ones? Hmmm…that’s a hard one!
Not any more though! Download Photo Editor to make life easy and edit any picture you take, using your BlackBerry, straight off your handset. Save the modified file and then share it with friends and family as much as you want! You can edit your photos by launching the application from the app icon or going to your gallery, and selecting "Edit Photo" from the menu there.

Features Include:

* Crop Photos
* Rotate Photos
* Adjust Brightness
* Adjust Contrast
* Re-size to reduce the image size
* Change color to black and white, Pop, Negative and Sepia.
* Fully Recolor the photo in RGB mode.
* Paint to draw lines and shapes of different colors with various effects
* Doodle to add frames, text and brush your photos in different colors
* Save and send edited photo as an email
* Upload photos to Facebook
* Adjust Sharpness (Coming Soon)
* Blur Effects (Coming Soon)
* Many New Filters (Coming Soon) 

Blackberry 89XX Curve Series (480*360): 8900(Javelin), 8910(Atlas), 8930, 8950, 8980/Blackberry 90XX Bold (Onyx) Series (480*320) Devices Models: 9000, 9020(Onyx)/Blackberry 96XX Tour (Niagara) Series (480*360):9600, 9630, 9650(Tour2), 9700(Bold2), 9780, Dakota, Apollo 

Link Download v2.0.1 OS5

Link Download v2.0.1 OS6

PC Download v2.0.1

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Blackberry vs iPhone

Blackberry vs iPhone

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This is a tale of two cellphones in a two-person family.

My mother has a Blackberry (which she can’t stop looking at). It is pretty much her best friend, she is always hanging out with it, except at night when she turns off the ringer. And BTW, she customizes her ringtones: for most of her friends, she has a Tardis ringtone or ‘Sabotage’ by Beastie Boys unless it’s from me, and then the ring tone is ‘Island, Is’ by Volcano Choir. She is super-specific about the wall paper (she says it can’t be too busy) and her font is GIGANTIC. I mean, all of this makes sense to me, since she is so addicted to her Blackberry.

I have an iPhone. I’ve had a bunch of different phones over the years and so I can tell you this is the best phone I’ve ever had. Now, if you are wondering why an 11-year-old even has to have a phone, here it is: I’m not at my Mom’s side 24/7; when she is at work, I’m at school or with my babysitter. And every single day, there are things we need to ask each other: Can I go to my friends house? Do I have to walk the dog? When are you coming home? And a lot of the time, I need to find this stuff out via text because she’s in a meeting or something. You get what I’m saying? Life gets in the way. I have to be able to reach my Mom. It’s that simple.

Still. It’s not unusual that we have this Blackberry vs iPhone debate. Like recently, my Mom had the chance to upgrade her phone, and instead of choosing an iPhone so we could share our apps and stuff, she chose this white Blackberry Torch. I was like, “Seriously, Mom?” And then I was having dinner with HelloGiggles co-founder Molls and she suggested I write about this very topic. And to be fair, I’ve decided to list the pros and cons of each. And I’m sure I haven’t even scratched the surface! So here goes.

The iPhone

What’s great about the iPhone:

    Do you like listening to the Ramones and One Direction anytime you want? Well, yeah, you do, and the iPhone is perfect for that.
    The app store is epic. I am so addicted to Tiny Tower. My Mom, who is an amazing knitter, could even use crafty apps if she wanted to.
    You can read books! So get Chris Gethard’s A Bad Idea I’m About To Do or Mindy Kaling’s Is Everybody Hanging Out With Me.
    It has an AMAZING camera. And you can Instagram! So cool! Depending on what generation of iPhone you have, you can take photos of yourself and know what you are doing.
    You can Facetime with your people!

What’s not-so-great about the iPhone:

    They are not the best choice if you don’t like typing on touch screens.
    It freezes up sometimes.
    There are space issues. So if you don’t have an iPhone with 64GB, and you want to put your whole music library on it, you will have some problems. Like, everything will get slower and that’s annoying.
    The iPhone window breaks VERY easily. Either get a protective case like the Otterbox or NEVER drop it (good luck with that).

The Blackberry

What’s great about the Blackberry:

    A Keyboard! My Mom’s Blackberry even has a keyboard and a touch screen!
    You can get your work email. This is very very very important to my Mom.
    You can make cool ringtones. My Mom also uses ‘Rebel Girl’ for her best friends. So there’s that.

What’s not-so-great about the Blackberry

    The app situation. I mean, you can’t play Words With Friends! The horror!
    The camera quality is not all that.
    It’s still not the iPhone, Mom.

Random Ringtones

 Random Ringtones

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Current Verson: 2.1.1
Size: 686 KB

Vendor: N/A 
OS: 5++

Free Random Ringtone For Blackberry


So you are bored of the same old ringtone each time you get a call. Ever wanted to have random ringtones? Now you can with RandomTones. With RandomTones you assign a ringtone folder and RandomTones will randomly select a ringtone each time you get a phone call. You can set up to 5 profiles. Each profile has a start and end time and a ringtone folder. You can set a profile to use professional ringtones when you are at the office and set up a second profile to play funky ringtones when you are at home. RandomTones will not change the Contact ringtone if you already assigned a custom ringtone to the contact. RandomTones only works for the global Sound Profile ringtone. Features: * Requires OS4.7 and higher. Bold 9000 and 8900 users need to upgrade to OS5 * Random ringtones * Assign up to 5 different profiles * Assign ringtone folder for different ringtone types eg: office, home etc... * Easy to use Note: You need to set the permissions for RandomTones in the Options app to all ALLOW. Make sure you also get the following ringtone

Store: Download zip/rar

ultimate lock

ultimate lock

, ultimate lock for blackberry torch, free ultimate lock for blackberry

Vendor: Epic Applications 
Ver. 1.1.0 
OS: 4.7++

ultimate lock for blackberry 

Item Description

Ultimate Lock is the pinnacle in locking apps for the BlackBerry® with rich features and an unmatched attention to detail. Tired of pocket dialing and missed notifications? Protect your phone with Ultimate Lock! This customized screen allows you to stay informed while keeping you in control. Lock your device in style.

- BlackBerry® Messenger, SMS and Email notifications  even see senders name for SMS and Ema

- Switch between any two profiles with the swipe of a finger
- Secure your device with a keycode required to unlock
- Full integration with BeWeather! The first app to do so!
- Prevent against tampering by locking the device out after too many failed attempts
- Fully customize screen with custom backgrounds, font colors and icon colors
- Lock on call, on device start, on lock key, or after a timeout
- Allow emergency calls to any number while locked
- (Storm) Lock in portrait!
- Add to System Menu for quick locking
- Optional sounds on unlock
- Reset LED no

Store: Download zip/rar

Roco alarm

Roco alarm

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Vendor: Rocomotion 
Ver. 2.0.3 
OS: 4.6++


Roco Alarm is Highly functional alarm application.
It has a high possibility that you can get up.

- It's possible to register any number of alarms.
- Only once of alarm or a daily alarm is possible.
- The setting only a holiday rings is possible by holiday file (the Roco Cal specification) correspondence
- Sound, a vibes and setting of an LED are possible.
- The setting the volume is biggest when setting if it passes.
- The setting from which a lock screen is released.
- Setting of an indicator icon.
- The setting which shows next time to a home icon.
- The way to stop an alarm can choose 4 stages of degree of difficulty.
- Setting of a snooze is possible when an alarm is stopped.
- Backup and Restore of data is possible.
- Backup and Restore of setting is possible.

- It's impossible to use music and a ringtone included from the default.
- It's possible to use mp3 or m4a or midi.
- When adding it to the holiday, please select 'Adjust Alarm Time' in menu.
- When first installation, Reboot device is needed.

The trial version can be used for only one alarm.

Blackberry 89XX Curve Series (480*360): 8900(Javelin), 8910(Atlas), 8950, 8980/Blackberry 90XX Bold (Onyx) Series (480*320) Devices Models: 9000, 9020(Onyx)/Blackberry 96XX Tour (Niagara) Series (480*360):9600, 9630, 9650(Tour2), 9670, 9700(Bold2), 9780

Store: Download zip/rar

HTC vs Blackberry

HTC vs Blackberry

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Item Description

Blackberry are the current dominant force of the under-25 smartphone market but research by GfK shows that it is at risk of losing out to HTC.

Marketing Week reported that ‘the increasing number of budget Android-based phones on the market – represented big threats to BlackBerry’s popularity among  teenagers.’

Adelynne Chao, research specialist at GfK says that the 12-16 year old market that may have been drawn in by the instant messaging services available on Blackberry devices could be lured away by the wealth of free applications available from Android that could replace BBM, one of Blackberry’s USPs.

HTC are seen as the most likely Android-based phone brand to take share from Blackberry as their recent growth has seen ‘profit more than double in the three months to June.’

A quick look at The Student Room show’s that the HTC vs Blackberry debate is taking place within it’s forums as students seek advice from their peers to get the right smartphone for them.
HTC vs Blackberry in Numbers

Mentions in mobile phone forum

HTC – 9,788 vs. 9,528 – Blackberry

Social Groups

HTC – 0 vs. 1 – Blackberry

Mentions in articles

HTC – 2 vs. 2 – Blackberry

Most popular thread

Android OS – 6,602 vs. 147 – The Official Blackberry Society

What phone should I get? Poll

Android 48% vs. 32% Blackberry (iPhone – 20%)
What The Student Room are saying about HTC vs Blackberry?

“I heard there is a htc software which is just like the blackberry messenger, is it true? What is it called?”

“Out of these I’d probably go for the blackberry 9700, I’d probably wait for the HTC Desire though.”

“Don’t know much about Blackberry but my HTC serves me very well.”

“My friend had a HTC HD2 and changed it for a Blackberry 9700. Had my 9700 for a few days now and it’s absolutely awesome.2

“Unless you have lots of friends on blackberrys, then i’d go for a blackberry.”

“I would not recommend the blackberry’s internet browser; for media and surfing I would go for a HTC.”

Roco Resize

Roco Resize

Roco Resize v1.1 - free Blackberry

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Vendor: N/A 
Ver. 1.1 
OS: 5++


This page has been optimized for BlackBerry Bold browser.

Explanation of Roco Resize
You can resize the image does not contain standard
You can also put pictures and effects
Roco Resize Features
Image resizing can be performed
640px size and you can select from several
If you want to be 100% the size of the other 10 percent can be selected
If you choose JPEG image quality
You can apply effects to images
The following are four types of effects
monochrome (black and white)
sepia (Sepia)
Toy (like a toy camera)
Artoy (like toy cameras like art)

Blackberry 89XX Curve Series (480*360): 8900(Javelin), 8910(Atlas), 8950/Blackberry 90XX Bold (Onyx) Series (480*320) Devices Models: 9000, 9020(Onyx)/Blackberry 95XX Storm Series (360*480): 9500, 9510, 9520, 9530, 9550(Storm2), 9800/Blackberry 96XX Tour (Niagara) Series (480*360): 9600, 9630 Niagara, 9650, 9700, 9780/Blackberry Pearl 3G Series (360*400) Devices Models: 9100, 9105, 9670(Style)

PC: Download zip/rar



Tags: RingSmart 1, RingSmart - Get BlackBerry Info, RingSmart - Blackberry Argentina, RingSmart v1.0

Vendor: N/A 
Ver. 1.0.2 
OS: 5++

RingSmart puts control of your BlackBerry® ring's profile in your hands. Whether you need to schedule your phone's ring profile to get a good night's sleep, prevent embarrassment in meetings, or just eliminate one more thing to remember, then RingSmart is for you.

Now you can set your phone's profile (vibrate, loud, etc.) based on your own schedule. You can set your BlackBerry® to automatically go silent at night, vibrate at work, or ring loudly when you're out with friends in the evenings.

• Schedule weekly ring profile (Normal, Loud, Vibrate, etc.) down to the minute.
• Enter multiple rules, later rules fine-tune earlier ones.
• Disable profile change at any time.
• Change profile even when phone is locked.

Please note that RingSmart cannot change your phone's profile while it's in the holster. RingSmart will alert you with three short vibrations to momentarily unholster your phone.

Whether you need control over your phone’s ring profile to get a good night’s sleep, prevent embarrassment in meetings, or just eliminate one more thing to remember, then RingSmart is for you.

1.0.2 - fix for a permission issue on some handsets
1.0 - initial release

Blackberry 7100g,Blackberry 8100,Blackberry 8110,Blackberry 8120,Blackberry 8130,Blackberry 8300,Blackberry 8310,Blackberry 8320,Blackberry 8330,Blackberry 8350i,Blackberry 8900,Blackberry 8700,Blackberry 8700c,Blackberry 8700f,Blackberry 8700g,Blackberry 8700r,Blackberry 8703e,Blackberry 8707,Blackberry 8707g,Blackberry 8707v,Blackberry 8800,Blackberry 8820,Blackberry 8830,Blackberry 9000,Blackberry Storm 9500,Blackberry Storm 9510,Blackberry Storm 9520,Blackberry Storm 9530,Blackberry 9630,Blackberry 8200,Blackberry 8220,Blackberry 8230,BlackBerry 9700,BlackBerry 8500,BlackBerry 8520,BlackBerry 9020,BlackBerry Storm 9550,BlackBerry 9600

Store: Download zip/rar



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Vendor: Matthias Marquardt 
OS: 4.5++

Item Description

FileScout for BlackBerry is a file manager for your BlackBerry device. Beside the core functionality like browsing over the file system of your BlackBerry, create directories, copy, move, rename, (un)zip or delete files, or open your media files directly. FileScout for BlackBerry also allows you to open files (like ini, and xml) as plain text so you are able to edit, mark, copy, and paste text fragments of these files that normally can't be opened with your BlackBerry. Additionally FileScout for BlackBerry allows you to easily save your favorites, search for files, manipulate images (resize and rotate) or send files via email or Bluetooth.

Store: Download zip/rar

Dear Diary

Dear Diary

Tags: Dear Diary blackberry, you blackberry app, download dear diary blackberry, diary software blackberry, diary application blackberry

Vendor: JTiger 
Ver. 1.4.0 
OS: 5++

Item Description

Dear Diary is a diary app (yes) for BlackBerry that aims to make it easy to keep notes about your day/thoughts/feelings. You start out by naming your diary, and selecting a password if you want. From there, you can access your diary, or go online and upload your diary entries or read others online.

In theory, it seems to have been nicely thought out. The immediate offer of a password is good, and when you create a new diary entry, you’re asked what your mood is. You’re given a huge choice of emotions to choose from in a linear list, so unless you’re feeling something starting with A or B, you may get bored of scrolling quickly (there is an ‘indescribable’ entry though, which seems like something of a cop-out). After that, you get to the entry screen. There’s a photo here, for inspiration we guess, and you can have music play. However, the text entry part is tiny making it quite frustrating to type anything of any great weight.

The online section constantly threw up errors when we tried to use it to read others diaries (which feels a little weird to try to do anyway), and the interface was buggy as well, often bringing up a contextual menu when all you’d done is click the trackpad to select something.

PC: Download zip/rar

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