Monday, 10 September 2012

Pokemon Blue

Pokemon Blue

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Vendor: Bjorn Carlin, 
Ver. 2.2.0 
OS: 5.0++

The famous Game Boy game first released on Japan in 1996 is one of the best Pokemon games ever released on the entire world. But I never knew the game was licensed for the blackberry platform, and it isn't, so when I found the game available for BB I was surprised and I decided to install it on my BB, and when the download was over I was amazed because the game was completely ported to the BB and runs pretty good, the only bad thing is when I try to save the game because sometimes it will and other not, so you might loose some progress, as I said before the game is fully ported to the BB so when you start you must choose the buttons or keys you will use as the A, B, Select and Start; the game fits perfectly on your BB screen so don't worry about loosing a portion of it because it won't happen.

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