Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Mobile Data Alerter

Mobile Data Alerter

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I see a lot of mobile providers coming out with limited data plans.  AT&T was a huge shocker in earlier 2010 with their 2GB cap.  T-Mobile has rolled out limited data for select plans.  Sprint still has unlimited as does Verizon, who is rumored to get limited data plans in the near future.

I see that a lot of consumers have been looking at ways to cut down cost on their wireless bills so they look at limited data plans since they are relatively cheaper than the unlimited plans. These plans however can be confusing. What can I do on a 200mb plan or with 100mb? What is an mb or a kb or a gb? Also, the concerns of data overages and the related cost are no fun either. If this sounds like you then you want to look at Mobile Data Alerter by E-office Mobile b.v.

This app is great, and very easy to use. You can set daily and monthly limits for using your provider 2G/3G networks, as well as setting up WiFi limits as well.  Check out the screen shots below.

The best thing about the app is that it alerts you when you start getting to your limits set. The app icon actually changes from green to yellow to red as you start getting closer to or exceeding your data limits. Check out the screen shots below.

So if you’re on an unlimited data plan and want to see what your using just because, or your trying to keep yourself under your providers limits check this app out.  It says trial in the item title, but I’ve been using it free for almost two years now

Store: Download zip/rar

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