Monday, 10 September 2012

Lost Panda

Lost Panda

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A good day baby Panda escaped from the house . Too much time was looking Panda baby. She was running in the treetops in search of her missing baby. There was no result for your search. Sad Panda ventured out of his house and down. Panda hopes that she is your baby. But forest is a very dangerous place. Many enemies are there. Beetles, birds and wasps want to deploy our hero. Panda should be awake to face all obstacles. The search will go through 3 different forests. Each of them is very risky. Panda for battle with enemies may use different bonuses and useful skills special being taken up on stage or the update on the store 's game. Some bonds do more damage and clean up some of the other levels protect Panda. few screenshots of the game: Features: Game 3 different locations: Bamboo, Desert, Snow 6 bonuses Specialty : Coat, Freezing, Earthquake, Fire Stone, Rings, heart 2 skills: Sprint, Skip Death Types of enemies: Birds, wasps, beetles Game store to upgrade your skills Practical play Nice Agreement musical


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