Monday, 17 September 2012

Championship Racing 2012

Championship Racing 2012

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The new racing game.High-speed 3D races in Australia.
Feel the buzz and excitement of race day as the chequered flag drops and you go head to head with the best in the world on circuits from Australia to Singapore. Jump in and race for a quick burst of 300kph+ action or play the long game, winning points and trophies in the World Championship .Raindrops spatter over tarmac, engines rev and roar, cars shake with excitement. The best drivers from all four corners of the World are watching the starting lights, just waiting for the final signal, the start of the race that could define their lives. Every one came here to win, to take pole position, first place and the champion's trophy. Have you got what it takes to beat them?
Don't forget about pit-stop duties, a new mini-game awaits you once you reach the pit lane. If you are effective and your crew fix all malfunctions a racing car will be ready to continue a competition. If weather gets ugly you may need to change tyres in order to improve traction.

Made by: Connect2Media
Category: Driving racing games


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