Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Battles on BBM

Battles on BBM

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Item Description
Get Battles on BBM!

The new BBM Social Platform is really helping devs easily create multiplayer BBM powered games. My current favorite is Battles on BBM. The game is more or less a clone of the classic Battleship game and the gameplay is really fun. Definitely worth a download especially at this price tag.

The classic game of battle between ships on the high seas is now even more fun. Invite your BBM friends to join in sink their fleet before yours is sunk.
It is a game that demands skill, strategy and some luck!
The game comes with eye-catching graphics, great animations and fun sounds. Download it today and bask in glory of victory.
Facebook feature - Now tell your Facebook friends you Battleships score!
Multiple themes – Choose from multiple themes to customize your game experience.

This application would only work if you have BBM 5.0 installed on your handset.


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