Wednesday, 8 August 2012

World Clock Free v2.0

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Item Description
World Clock is the easiest way to reach out over 1500 different cities of the world at a time!
The clock keeps you on time with almost any area of the world.
This may be useful, when you want to call some one in a different Time Zone or you want to understand the context of news and weather reported from a particular Time Zone or while traveling!


*World Clock automatically detects BlackBerry preloaded time zone configurations.
* World Clock automatic Daylight Savings Time  DST  calculation
*World Clock has Zoom In and Zoom Out function available on Menu button for better Visibility!
* In World Clock you can set numerous world clocks running simultaneously with both time and date.
* If the list is too long and its taking time to scroll, just press the letter on the screen and the app will
   automatically jump to that city.
   For ex. type 'L' and the app will automatically highlight all cities starting with 'L', say London-UK, Long Beach CA
* In World Clock you can reorder, Delete, Setting, Change City, Add functions in just 1 touch!
*World Clock support 12/24 hour format.
* World Clock has large clock display, easy to read.
* Installs as one icon in your application folder, no other setting needed on your device.

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Dowload: Download zip/rar

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