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One of the rarely-used features on BlackBerry are Web Signals, which is a developer tool that allows apps to change their icon based on information coming in over the internet. This is effectively as close to an Android home screen widget as you’ll get on a BlackBerry. WeatherEye is the most practical application of this technology, since it gives you most of the weather information you need without even having to load the app since it shows the conditions in the icon graphic and the temperature in the app name. You can still launch into the app for a deeper dive into week-long forecasts, see what the weather’s like elsewhere in the world, check satellite maps, or drill down to hourly forecasts.
There are a few other apps that do the same kind of thing, but I find WeatherEye’s information is the most accurate, and it has the smoothest user interface. Plus, y’know, freeness doesn’t hurt.
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Dowload: WeatherEye

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