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Vorino Clock

Vorino Clock

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Item Description
*** 2010 BlackBerry Super App Challenge prize winner *** An analog clock with seconds hand, optional chimes, screensaver mode, system app launching, world time and a wide assortment of appearance options and color combinations!

It can be a handy aid to those with poor vision or hearing, thanks to the large clock face, and chimes that can be set up using combinations of tune/vibrate/LED.

* Periodic chimes can be enabled on the hour, 1/2 hour or 1/4 hour
* Chimes are a combination of tune/vibrate/LED and are set up in the profiles application
* Screensaver mode can be enabled  Note that the clock will be visible as long as the backlight is on. Also note that if you use the screen lock, it will hide the clock
* Precise battery and signal meters
* Multiple combinations of hand and clock face styles
* Color preferences for all clock components  the initial settings have a white background and blue hands
* Many millions of color combinations
* 140 solid backgrounds
* 16 built-in wallpapers
* Translucent hands option
* Date  and optional time  shown in the footer using the system font/size
* Three clocks, one using the system time zone, and the other two using configurable time zones, all with independent appearance preferences
* Launch Messages, Phone, Address Book and Calendar from the menu or single key shortcut
* Subtle hand movements
* Low power consumption
* Settings stored persistently
* Localizes to your chosen language for the main screen

Also see our Vorino Timer Stopwatch, available separately.

Vendor: Vorino Software Inc.
OS: 5.0+

Dowload: Download zip/rar

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