Thursday, 9 August 2012

Video Hider

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Item Description
Most Attractive, Efficient, Useful tool to hide your private and secret Videos.. Hide all Gallery Files and Folders –Videos! User-friendly, Advanced and feature rich App for your BlackBerry® phone..

Advance Features :

    * Hide multiple Videos at single time, there is no need to hide Videos one by one
    * Hide your Videos with help of Short keys eg. M-Mark, A-Mark All, H-Hide etc.
    * Hidden Videos are completely Invisible to others
    * Access to Hidden Videos is Password Protected
    * Option to Ask Password Every Time for maximum security
    * App will auto start, when phone is switched 'ON' for better protection
    * Open only root directory containing Videos eg. Among store, SD card and Phone Memory, if Videos are in SD card it will display SD card only
    * Display total number of Videos in each directory eg. 42 Videos in SD card, 12 Videos in Phone etc.
    * Display only folders containing Videos, on selecting 'folder view' eg. there are 4 folders A, B, C, D and only A & D contains Videos, then it will show only two folders A & D
    * Also display total number of Videos in each folder eg. folder A - 17 Videos, folder D - 20 Videos etc.
    * Supports WMV, MP4, 3GP, AVI and ASF file types
    * See all hidden Videos in menu Hidden files in Application itself
    * Video Hider Pro glimpse and check on controls through Preview Video Player – Play, Pause, Stop and Back while playing your secret videos
    * Best, Most Advanced, Efficient, yet easy to use..

Compatibility :
- BlackBerry OS 4.5 or later
- Pearl, Curve, Bold, Storm, Torch, Tour etc

Support :

If you are facing any problem regarding the functionality of the App
please contact us at : " "

We shall be glad to assist you and provide the best possible solution.We'd also be pleased to hear your comments, feed back or suggestions and shall ensure best efforts to over come any reasonable issues regarding the product functioning.

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