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Item Description: 
You are an officer, a secretaire, you want to find a PDF document, a Microsoft Excel Sheet : Balance Report, Revenue Report,...or a Microsoft Word file for your report
You are a student, you want to find a PDF journal file, a PowerPoint template, a CV, a Scheduling Sheet,..
You are a professor, you want to find a Powerpoint template lesson to your students,...
You are a music fan, you want to find a MP3 song, MP4, AVI video
You are an artist, you want to find pictures: PNG, BMP,
Whoever your are, UltraSearch will help you find and download legal documents in many types:
1. Document files: PDF, Word, Powerpoint, Excel Sheet
2. Media files: MP3, MP4, AVI
3. Picture files: PNG, BMP
4. Archive files: ZIP, EXE
Using Google Search Engine and a powerful refine mechanism, you'll find exactly what you need and download very fast!

How to use:
Enter Search term on the box then click the button for file type you want to search

Vendor: duanh
Ver. 0.1
OS: OS 4.5++

Dowload: Download zip/rar

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