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SwooshAlarm for BlackBerry - Daily Alarms, Timers & World Clocks
I know exactly what you’re thinking.  Another alarm clock application?  This one’s pretty cool though, I promise. When I’m up running around like a chicken, it means the third alarm has gone off and I will make it to work on time, just about. Not only that it also boasts a world clock, timer and a location alarm currently in beta. You can set up many world clocks with different locations, this is good as I know what time to BBM my American friends to wake or just chat.  Of course without saying, it can always be good to have a few timers ready for when people tell you “give me 5 minutes” or “your pizza delivered in 45 minutes or its free!” (you get straight off the phone and press start on that timer)

Store: Download zip/rar

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