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Item Description
Super Search is the ultimate search app! Just start typing and search any website on the Internet!

Super Search integrates with the BlackBerry 6's internal universal search. You can even create your own search with just two clicks from within your browser. See in-app instructions on how to do that.

- Quick search by just start typing
- 8 pre-defined searches
- Add your own custom search (integrated into browser)

Pre-defined Searches:
- eBay
- Flickr
- Twitter
- Wikipedia
- Leo (English-German translation)
- Alibaba B2B Search
- Amazon
- Best Buy

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Vendor: S4BB Limited
Ver. 2.0.2
OS: 6.0 ++

Vendor: S4BB Limited
Ver. 2.0.2
OS: 6.0 ++

Dowload: Download zip/rar

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