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A fully functional 7-day trial of SpeedNotes is available via the 'Trial' button.

SpeedNotes is a fast and convenient application for taking and sharing notes without the need to open and name a new memopad entry or concern yourself with ensuring that the note is saved before exiting the application. When typing in your note, SpeedNotes automatically takes care of saving your work to your BlackBerry® internal storage.  At any point you can just press escape to exit SpeedNotes and then return later and your note will automatically be loaded, ready for you to either continue working with, send or save it to a selection of destinations or simply clear and start again from scratch.

SpeedNotes supports sending or saving your note to the following choices:

- A MemoPad entry.
- A file on either your SDCard or BlackBerry store.
- A Calendar entry.
- A Tasks / ToDo entry.
- An Email.
- An SMS message.
- A PIN message.
- The BlackBerry clipboard.

The calendar, task/todo and email options support a choice of fields for placing the note into, for example, within calendar you can choose to place the note within either the Summary, Location or Note fields.

Existing notes can also be loaded into SpeedNotes from the following choices:

- A MemoPad entry.
- A file from either your SDCard or BlackBerry built in storage.

SpeedNotes can also be automatically generate memo / file names for your notes when saving as well as be configured to automatically save your notes to either the memopad or SDCard with an automatically generated name when exiting the program and also, optionally, present a new note the next time it is opened.

Dowload: Download zip/rar

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