Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Ringtone Pro

Ringtone Pro

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Item Description
Use Ringtone Pro to pick a ringtone from our database (over 1.000 ringtones) or rotate/change your ringtone every few minutes.

**make sure your device has mp3 playback**
**an internet connection is required**

You will get access to all 1.000 ringtones by just buying the application, no extra costs are involved!

- Over 1.000 ringtones
- Play a ringtone before using it
- rotate your ringtone from a folder
- rotate your ringtone from our database
- rotate every hour(s) or minute(s)
- Set the ringtone immediately as your default ringtone

- Animal ringtones
- Annoying ringtones
- Announcer ringtones
- Effect ringtones
- Funny ringtones
- High tones (can’t be heard by elderly)
- Horror ring tones
- Other ringtones
- Romantic ringtones
- Warning ringtones

**When you buy the application you should get a registration code from App World which you can use to register the application with. In case you did not get it, lost it or forgot the code you can get it at icecoldapps.com . Register the application by starting it, press the blackberry menu button and click the register menu item.**

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Vendor: Ice Cold Apps
Ver. 3.0.0
OS: OS 5 ++

Dowload: Download zip/rar

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