Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Ringtone Composer

Ringtone Composer

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Vendor: The Jared Company 
Ver. 1.155.0 
OS: 5++


We’ve seen ringtone applications in the past that allow you to create ringtones right on your BlackBerry.  JaredCo just released Ringtone Composer which is absolutely free to download and lets you do the same thing other premium ringtone apps do.  Here’s how to make a ringtone using Ringtone Composer:

    Simply choose any MP3 tune in your BlackBerry® music archives click your Menu button, select “Create Ringg Tone” and choose the sounds you want to hear.  (** If you don’t see ‘Create Ring Tone’ menu item please restart your BlackBerry® **)
    Create the start points and the length for the ringtone of your favorite concerto with two clicks.
    Once you’ve created your glam-rock ringtone, save it with a couple of clicks so each time you connect, your favorite rocker announces the call.
    Get tired of one ringtone? Ringtone Composer simplifies the swap out of one clip for another as your musical mood shifts from light jazz to hip hop.
    There’s no re-configuring required. Just download and access your favorite music using Ringtone Composer from JaredCo.
    And last, but not least – the RINGTONE COMPOSER IS FREE. Totally free.
    Save and swap tunes daily, hourly if you want to play DJ. Ringtone Composer de-hassle-izes creating ringtones from your music collection. No sweat and your ringtones sound cool.

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