Thursday, 30 August 2012

Qrthis Scanner

Qrthis Scanner

Tags: Qrthis Scanner v0.8.2, Qrthis Scanner for blackberry

Vendor: AcADIeN 
Ver. v0.8.2 
OS: 6.0

Qrthis Scanner is a free QR scanner, but why another QR scanner ? This app will give you the ability to Auto Start the scanner when you open the app (meaning that you can set the app behind a convenience key and have it auto scan automatically), Auto Open what's behind the QR code (with the option of vibrating), and save it in an history list that you can clean up if you want, you can also show the QR code that you've scanned before to share it with your friends.

***WARNING - OS 6+ ONLY***

Be aware that RIM changed the user-facing disclaimer about recording (which will say Personal Information) The Personal Information that my app need is the Camera Recording, which according to RIM is a Personal Information.

This app will always be free!

Vibrate option (suggested by Caboose22's review)
Fixing freeze issue.

Scan QR code
Show primary phone number QR code (have to be set up on the SIM card option)
Show BBM QR Code (same as when you show your QR Code in BBM)
Auto Scan on start
Auto Open on scan

Download: Download zip/rar

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