Thursday, 16 August 2012

ProTimer Multi

ProTimer Multi 

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Item Description
Multi-Competitor Lap Timer for BlackBerry®

ProTimer Multi Stopwatch is an advanced circuit timing app for the BlackBerry® platform. Designed in consultation with professional coaches, ProTimer Multi Stopwatch lets you time several competitors at the same time. It's like having ten separate stopwatches on the go at once.

** 24 hours Free Trial available

ProTimer Multi Stopwatch has an advanced feature set suitable for:
- Motorsports, Racing, Karting
- Physical Education, Track and Field
- Running, Swimming, Biking, Rowing
- Anywhere you need to time more than one person at a time
- Many, many more applications

Plus because it's a BlackBerry®, your results are automatically recorded and can be saved or emailed with just a click. Now you can leave your clipboard at home.

Multiple Stopwatches
- Up to 10 Stopwatches running in parallel
- Advanced Lap/Split timers
- Best/Worst/Average Lap Times for each
- Speed and Distance calculations for each
- Calculates running order on every click

Additional Features
- 1/100th second resolution
- Near unlimited memory
- Records results for later review
- Save and Email results easily
- Runs in the background

A Compliment to the ProTimer Stopwatch
- ProTimer Stopwatch is an advanced individual stopwatch. ProTimer Multi Stopwatch goes one step further to allow timing of multiple competitors. They were designed to complement each other.

- Before leaving a negative review, please contact us for support at
- If you see "java.lang.Error", please delete the icon, reboot the phone, and install again.
- We are very interested in your business and will do what it takes to get you going.
- All feedback is welcome. Our goal is to make this the best stopwatch app available on the Blackberry. If you feel it is missing something, we want to hear it.

Dowload: Download zip/rar

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