Monday, 6 August 2012

PlayEpub Book Reader

PlayEpub Book Reader by Jesus Iglesias
Item Description

Playepub is the first epub ebook reader with real book-like pagination (tap screen to flip page), full image support, click on links, full text selecion, text highlight, autorotate screen and many more cool features.

Now with Kindle files support (BETA)!!

PlayEpub can read any non-DRM protected epub, Kindle and FB2 book.
Once your books are in BlackBerry® PlayBook™ open PlayEpub and you will see them in main screen. Just tap on the one you want to open and navigate to read mode.
You can change font, size, line separation, day/night/sepia mode, brightness.

Supported formats: epub, FB2, Kindle (mobi, pdb, prc, azw).

Gestures when reading:
-Tap right/left to next/previous page.
-Swipe right/left to next/previous chapter.
-Zoom gesture to increase/decrease font size
-Long tap on text to select.
-Long tap on link to go to.
-Tap bottom to show "go to" menu.
-Swipe down on top to show main menu.

You can even configure your mail account and directly download your mailed epub files. Let Calibre send your daily news in the morning and get them automatically from PlayEpub. No more downloads required.

Some features:
-Read any saved epub
-Portrait and landscape modes with auto-rotation.
-Landscape reading both on 1 or 2 columns.
-Read with a book-like style pagination, tap screen for next/previous page.
-Customize the screen for your eyes: font size, brightness, day/night/sepia mode.
-Add/delete bookmarks to later review any page with highlighted text.
-Create your own notes.
-Table of contents navigation.
-Main screen book cover preview (when available).
-Sync files from your email account. Download daily news sent by Calibre.
-Sync your articles on your Pocket (ReaditLater) account.
-Sync your articles on your Instapaper account.
-Sync feeds with Google Reader
-Dictionary with some languages support.
-Integrated translator
-Shows pictures on books and let you click on links.
-Share selected text on Facebook, Twitter or copy to clipboard for whatever.
-Full file browser, folder navigation, copy/paste/cut/unzip files.

Dowload: Download zip/rar

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