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Item Description

Vendor: Ottafone Inc 
Ver. 3.0.2 
OS: 5++

PhoneBasics Device Manager helps manage your BlackBerry phone to serve you better.

PhoneBasics Device Manager helps manage your BlackBerry phone to serve you better.

Phone Lock: You may get frustrated with BlackBerry's native phone lock - accidental emergency calls; forgotten password that leads to phone wipe, etc. PB Device Manager provides a better phone lock. Not only you get intelligent password help and unlikely accidental outbound or emergency calls, you can also remotely lock your phone with a message when it is missing (see Lost & Find for more details).

Phone Reboot: Feel unprofessional when having to pull the battery out to restart the phone? Tired of seeing the hour-glass (phone is slow) when you need the phone to function? THERE GOT TO BE A BETTER WAY! PB Device Manager provides you an elegant way to reboot your phone with one finger click. Better yet, you can schedule your phone to reboot itself regularly (daily, weekly or reboot upon low memory) at a convenient time to you.

Power Saving (PS): Every once a while, you may run into a situation when your phone battery is low, but you can't afford to turn it off because you are waiting for an important call. PB Device Manager provides you an interface to turn your device into power saving mode. You can even configure your phone to automatically enter PS mode when battery is below a specified level. Our experiment shows that PS mode could reduce battery consumption by 50% in typical setting.

Backlight Control: This interface allows you to keep your BlackBerry screen backlight on for longer period of time. This is useful when you're reading information from the phone.

File Browser: PB Device Manager provides a Windows-Explorer-style file browser, which allows you to:
(1) view files/folders on your phone;
(2) create new file/folder;
(3) Delete file/folder;
(4) Rename file/folder;
(5) Search for files/folders.


· BlackBerry OS 4.2.1 or later

Store: Download zip/rar

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