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Network Traffic Control

Network Traffic Control

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Item Description
Tracks network traffic on your BlackBerry® device.

- Shows traffic separated by radio and WiFi traffic:
-- Radio traffic in, out and total today and this month
-- WiFi traffic in, out and total today and this month
- Differentiates between traffic sent out and received.
- Billing setup
-- Over-usage alarm (de)activation
-- First day of month of your telephone bill (this helps to calculate charges within a billing cycle)
-- Packages traffic (i.e. you have a 10 MB BlackBerry® Data Plan)
-- Price per KB thereafter (i.e. traffic charges when you use more than 10 MB of your data plan)
-- Maximum traffic fee (i.e. if you are OK to spend $10 on traffic more per month, you will get a notification when your monthly traffic is over $10)
- Global over-usage notification
-- Homescreen notification icon: You will now see an “over-usage” icon in your BlackBerry® homescreen, you are over your monthly traffic maximum.
-- Global dialog notification: Whatever you are using right now and you exceed the traffic limit, a dialog will pop up and show a notification about traffic “over-usage”.
- Auto starts network tracking on device reset and runs in light-weight mode in background.

Note: The traffic shown is only the traffic since the application was installed and tracking started. All traffic before does not show. Program is only compatible with GSM/GPRS/UMTS BlackBerry® smartphones.

Privacy Notice: This program does NOT analyze any network traffic. The data transferred is private and secure. Only the amount of data is tracked for your personal reference.

Note: This is an early beta version which might not be perfect. Please help us improve the application and send us improvement suggestions.

If you like the program, please write a review.

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