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Finally there is a more comfortable way to lock and unlock you BlackBerry. Increase the productivity of your phone with this application.

This trail version can be used free of charge for two weeks.

Prevents unwanted dialing in you pocket by offering automatic locking after as little as 15 seconds
Prevents unwanted emergency calls by protecting the emergency call function better
Makes unlocking the BlackBerry much easier. Instead of pressing multiple keys or having to enter a password you just have to click and hold one key
Ideal for users of a BlackBerry with a corperate policy that prevents disabling the password timeout. Just set the password timeout to the maximum (typically 20min) and activate LockPlus. This helps to avoid repeated password entries and unwanted calls without causing a security risk.
The locking screen does not cover the current application. So if you use applications you need to view for a longer time (e.g. Navigation with Google Maps, Watching Videos) you do not have to keep unlocking you phone
You can disable the locking temporary for certain applications
Allows you to extend the backlight timeout to up to 15 minutes in case you need to see the screen for longer time
Very easy to use and to configure
Runs unnoticed in the background and can be configured to auto-start when switching on your phone

Store: Download zip/rar

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