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Item Description
JeeoSuite is a Wifi-Web Portal for your BlackBerry® Smartphone.

With JeeoSuite you can access your Contacts, Transfer Files, Stream Media, Email, Bookmarks, Stats, Tools and MORE, over Wifi from your favourite web-browser!

*NEW - Stream media from JeeoSuite to your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ via JeeoPlayer.  FREE in App World!

What’s new in v1.0.1.41?
-  Stream media from JeeoSuite to your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ via JeeoPlayer
- BlackBerry 7 Support
- Contacts Integration
- Applications List
- Fixes, and updates to existing features

*Get JeeoPlayer for FREE on App World -

- Send & Receive Email from your web-browser
- Transfer files over Wifi. (No more cables!)
- Stream Music & Video from your phone
- System Dashboard displays your vital stats
- Calendar Integration (Month / Day views)
- Store Bookmarks for easy access
- View Photo slideshows
- Tools to cure common issues, and much more ...

What is myJeeoSuite?
Access JeeoSuite from an easy to remember URL like:  Once the app has been installed, you'll want to head over to and create an account!

Quick Setup
1. Set all App Permissions to ALLOW!
2. Enable, and connect to Wifi on your phone
3. Click the JeeoSuite icon
4. Note the URL at the top of the screen.
5. Enter the URL in to your web-browser
6. When prompted, click Login

* Officially supported web-browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 9, Firefox

* Complete Setup Guide @

* Connect with us on Twitter for news, updates, and contests! (@JeeoSuite)

Download zip/rar

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