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Vendor: Impatica Inc 
Ver. 1.0.39 
OS: 4.5 ++


Impatica Connector is the BlackBerry® component of Impatica viaDock and also allows for BlackBerry® screen projection using the Impatica ShowMate.

Impatica viaDock allows access to your BlackBerry® from your PC or Mac, providing the comforts of a large monitor and keyboard to operate your BlackBerry®. Whether you wish to conveniently and securely access BlackBerry® based enterprise applications from home or while on the road, share the content of your screen with others in the same location or remotely over the Internet, or simply want the comfort and convenience of your large screen and keyboard, Impatica viaDock is the answer. Impatica viaDock also includes features such as shared clipboards and PC call monitoring and answering that will allow you to make even more productive use of your BlackBerry®.

Impatica viaDock is perfect for in-person or Internet based sales presentations and training, screen captures for online tutorials and presentations, simplified use of the BlackBerry® functions, application testing and reporting plus much more. For additional information please go to:

To purchase the Impatica viaDock application for just $39.99 go to:

Impatica ShowMate is a tiny hardware device that will allow you to break free from your laptop by giving PowerPoint presentations or display your handheld screen contents directly from their BlackBerry®, without a PC. The ShowMate has received multiple awards including the Most Innovative Wireless Device of the year at the 2007 CTIA conference and a BlackBerry® Wireless Leadership Award in the Business Impact category at the 2009 Wireless Enterprise Symposium. For additional information please go to:

The Impatica ShowMate can be purchased for $149.99 from the same location:

STORE: Download zip/rar

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