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HTC vs Blackberry

HTC vs Blackberry

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Blackberry are the current dominant force of the under-25 smartphone market but research by GfK shows that it is at risk of losing out to HTC.

Marketing Week reported that ‘the increasing number of budget Android-based phones on the market – represented big threats to BlackBerry’s popularity among  teenagers.’

Adelynne Chao, research specialist at GfK says that the 12-16 year old market that may have been drawn in by the instant messaging services available on Blackberry devices could be lured away by the wealth of free applications available from Android that could replace BBM, one of Blackberry’s USPs.

HTC are seen as the most likely Android-based phone brand to take share from Blackberry as their recent growth has seen ‘profit more than double in the three months to June.’

A quick look at The Student Room show’s that the HTC vs Blackberry debate is taking place within it’s forums as students seek advice from their peers to get the right smartphone for them.
HTC vs Blackberry in Numbers

Mentions in mobile phone forum

HTC – 9,788 vs. 9,528 – Blackberry

Social Groups

HTC – 0 vs. 1 – Blackberry

Mentions in articles

HTC – 2 vs. 2 – Blackberry

Most popular thread

Android OS – 6,602 vs. 147 – The Official Blackberry Society

What phone should I get? Poll

Android 48% vs. 32% Blackberry (iPhone – 20%)
What The Student Room are saying about HTC vs Blackberry?

“I heard there is a htc software which is just like the blackberry messenger, is it true? What is it called?”

“Out of these I’d probably go for the blackberry 9700, I’d probably wait for the HTC Desire though.”

“Don’t know much about Blackberry but my HTC serves me very well.”

“My friend had a HTC HD2 and changed it for a Blackberry 9700. Had my 9700 for a few days now and it’s absolutely awesome.2

“Unless you have lots of friends on blackberrys, then i’d go for a blackberry.”

“I would not recommend the blackberry’s internet browser; for media and surfing I would go for a HTC.”

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