Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Home Screen Notes

Home Screen Notes

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Home Screen Notes – Post notes on your BlackBerry home screen


The app is pretty straight forward.  If you’re looking to post notes directly on your home screen so you don’t forget, then check out Home Screen Notes.  Surely there’s today style themes where you can see Calendar items dead ass in front of you or set reminders, but what could be better than having the notes in your face every time you look at your BlackBerry.  Features of Home Screen Notes include:

    - Create a note and have it clear automatically at a certain date or time
    - Set up a note to have it start and end at a later time or date
    - Start a note and finish it later
    - Edit a note that has already been posted
    - Font size automatically adjusts to amount of text entered ensuring best possible viewing size
    - Customize the note and font colors
    - Choose from many different font selections
    - Ability to turn transparency on and off for the posted note
    - Ability to toggle between 12 hour and 24 hour clock
    - Create a new note or clear a posted note from almost anywhere through the menu shortcut option
    - Back up settings and scheduled notes to SD/Media card
    - Built in help screen

You can grab Home Screen Notes for only 99 cents for a limited time offer.  The normal price for it is $2.99, so check it out while the price is down.

Store: Download zip/rar

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