Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Fonts Ultimate Free

Fonts Ultimate Free

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Item Description

Use Fonts Ultimate Free to get access to all the fonts you need, unlimited! Since the fonts get downloaded from our servers the application itself is very small. Enjoy a new look for your BlackBerry® by installing a new font!

Will it cost me money?
No, you can download the application for free and you will have unlimited access!

The application does not work properly?
Go to the options page of your device and set all permissions for this application to allow.

How do I start it?
You can use the icon that can be found on the homescreen.

- Access to 40 fonts
- Font management: install and/or uninstall fonts
- With one click you can delete all fonts
- Enjoy the new looks you can give your BlackBerry®
- Change the size of a font you want to install

Features you get when you buy the full version:
- Search through all fonts
- Upload and install your own font
- Browse through uploaded fonts
- Access to over 2.000 fonts!
- Change the style of a font you want to install: Plain, Bold, underline, Broken underline, Dotted underline, Wavy underline, Strike through, Extra bold, Italic

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Vendor: Ice Cold Apps
Ver. 2.8.0
OS: 4.5 ++

Dowload: Download zip/rar

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