Thursday, 9 August 2012

FlatOut Racing v0.5.7

Enjoy this great racing title with a new and impressive game engine making the driving experience a thrilling ride. A destructible environment, weather and particle effects, great physics and many more features make this game one hell of a fun racing game! Use the nitro pick-ups to boost your car, drive your opponents off the track but keep an eye on your car's damage meter, if you push too hard you'll be crashing off yourself! If you like wrecking cars this is the racing game for you! 

FlatOut, (c) Xendex Holding GmbH. All Rights Reserved. Flatout (c) 2008 Empire Interactive Ltd. Game Concept and development by Bugbear Entertainment Ltd. FlatOut, Empire and "E" are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Empire Interactive Europe Ltd in the UK/Europe and/or other countries. 
Controls: 4: Turn Left 6: Turn Right 5: Nitro You can also look around using: 1: Look Left 3: Look Right 0: Look Behind Press the left Softkey to open the pause menu Finishing a race first, awards you a gold medal, second a silver and third a bronze medal. The first time any medal is won in a level a new level is unlocked. Nitro is reloaded by crashing into your opponents' car or into objects lying around on the track. Direction Indicator: Sometimes, you might take a curve too tight and shortcut a bit too much than allowed. In this case, an arrow will appear indicating the position of the latest checkpoint that you need to get back to before continuing the race. The arrow also helps you to orientate and find the track if you get lost. 

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