Monday, 20 August 2012

FixMo Extend BlackBerry

FixMo Extend BlackBerry as Modem

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BlackBerry Internet Service BIS, could try using FixMo Extend software and applications for BlackBerry. However the BIS note whether you allow your package using the BIS as a modem. The software is still in beta form for free for you to test and install. Obviously use at your own risk if you want to try. For other ways, please read below.

More About FixMo Extend for BlackBerry
Unreliable Wi-Fi in airports, cafes and meetings? Not a problem if you have Fixmo Extend. Fixmo Extend allows you to connects your laptop to the internet via the BlackBerry's wireless internet connection - anywhere.

Fixmo welcomes you to try the beta of our latest creation - Fixmo Extend. Fixmo Extend is the perfect companion for mobile workers, road warriors, café surfers and anyone WHO needs to stay connected on the go. No Wi-fi? No problem. Fixmo Extend allows you to connects your laptop to the internet using the existing data connection on your BlackBerry ®.

Quickly Get connected with an elegant user interface
Handy charts and metrics help you monitor your data usage
A simple download of mobile and desktop applications to get connected
BlackBerry (OS 4.6 and Greater)
Windows PC (Windows XP or Greater)
Microsoft. Net Framework (2.0 or Greater)
BlackBerry Desktop Software (available from RIM)
A mini-USB cable to the connect your laptop to your BlackBerry
Download the Fixmo Extend Beta - Free.

Download zip/rar

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