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Item Description
ExtraFonts is large font book for your BlackBerry®.

Application highlights:
- 100+ fonts to choose from.
- Fonts are organized by style, so it's easy to find your favorite font.
- Preview fonts before installing.

When you install a font, you can set is as System Font. Many third party and core applications (Twitter, Messages, Options, Browser) are using System Font. Enjoy!

Buy lifetime premium status, to get access to these features:

- Custom fonts installation.
You can install your favorite font from SDCard or Device Memory. TTF is TrueType® file format. You can find these files over the web or on your desktop. The only limitation: TTF file should be less than 90Kbytes. Visit to find out more fonts.

- Extra large fonts. You know that you can set font size up to 14 points. But it may be not enough in some cases. With ExtraFonts Premium you can change font size up to 30 points!

- Absolutely no advertising banners.

Vendor: CornPlay 
Ver. v1.0 
OS: OS 5.0++

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