Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Digital Menu Clock & Status

Digital Menu Clock & Status

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Item Description
Adds a clock, date, battery level, free memory, open-apps count, and calculator link to most menus throughout your BlackBerry® (some menus block additions).

Click the memory reading for instant memory recovery, and more options (see screenshots).

::  12:10 am  -  Tue 5

::  Battery 87% @ 78F

::  Memory 51% (12M)

::  Open Apps  5

Additional options:

::  Calculator

::  Flashlight

::  Lock Screen

::  Security Lock

If the battery is too-hot or too-cold, that is noted next to the reading.

The time format can be 12 or 24-hour, and you can choose which items are shown and tweak where Menu Scanner tries to position the information in the menu.

Digital Menu Clock Plus integrates with "Meters", "What's Running in My Phone", and any LSphone lock screens, if installed.

* If you have a fast phone (600+ MHz), please also see Graphical Menu Clock, which has the same features but with selectable graphical clocks that appear beside the menu.


- All automatic memory recovery features can easily be turned off, automatic options initiate only when specified, running once each time, and will never initiate while you are working.  There's no harm in checking every time after the phone goes into stand-by, because if memory is already clean, it's just a quick re-check.

- Memory recovery is not the main function of Digital Menu Clock; it is a "Plus" feature added because of the convenience of accessing memory recovery from the menu, both on-demand and settings for automatics.  However, Digital Menu Clock Plus's simple, well-timed approach to automatic functions is superior lag reduction than dedicated memory utilities that sometimes initiate recoveries and collect memory statistics while the user is working.

Vendor: LSphone
OS: 4.5++

Dowload: Download zip/rar

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