Friday, 24 August 2012

Dear Diary

Dear Diary

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Vendor: JTiger 
Ver. 1.4.0 
OS: 5++

Item Description

Dear Diary is a diary app (yes) for BlackBerry that aims to make it easy to keep notes about your day/thoughts/feelings. You start out by naming your diary, and selecting a password if you want. From there, you can access your diary, or go online and upload your diary entries or read others online.

In theory, it seems to have been nicely thought out. The immediate offer of a password is good, and when you create a new diary entry, you’re asked what your mood is. You’re given a huge choice of emotions to choose from in a linear list, so unless you’re feeling something starting with A or B, you may get bored of scrolling quickly (there is an ‘indescribable’ entry though, which seems like something of a cop-out). After that, you get to the entry screen. There’s a photo here, for inspiration we guess, and you can have music play. However, the text entry part is tiny making it quite frustrating to type anything of any great weight.

The online section constantly threw up errors when we tried to use it to read others diaries (which feels a little weird to try to do anyway), and the interface was buggy as well, often bringing up a contextual menu when all you’d done is click the trackpad to select something.

PC: Download zip/rar

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