Sunday, 5 August 2012

DDFonts for Blackberry

DDFonts for Blackberry

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Item Description

Managing fonts on BlackBerry. Although you are using system font or new font have been downloaded, you can set Font Size, Font Style, Font Effect, Font Antialias
View and select a font available in the list of system fonts from OS for setup.
To download and install/uninstall a new font for your BlackBerry smart phones.
You can use PC and find more new fonts on internet download, copy, and paste into folder fonts on BlackBerry or download new fonts on store more than 2000 fonts on server from BlackBerry device.
The DDFonts application only support to the Fonts have to format .ttf and size less than 90kb.
App Name:DDFonts
App Version:2.0.1
App Size:111 KB

OTA: OS 5.0 | OS 6.0 | OS 7.0 | OS 7.1

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