Tuesday, 21 August 2012



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crop it free download (Blackberry)


I know we have all seen those pictures on Facebook or Twitter where people are posing in their bathroom or other really awkward scenario. Wouldn’t it have been great for them to have taken the picture and crop out all the extra unnecessary stuff. Hopefully, that wasn’t you in one of those photos but if it was this app is for you. Crop It essentially does what it says. It crops photos to have only what you want in your photos.  So now you can save an embarrassing moment or turn a really good photo into a great photo.
After cropping your photos you can easily share them to Facebook, email, or save them to your SD card. The best part of this app is it is BBM Connected so you can easily share your pictures with the people that matter the most. So avoid embarrassing moments and get Crop It today FREE from App World. So follow the link below to grab your copy.

Store: Download zip/rar

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