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Sick of writing down contact info from messages on your BlackBerry? Tired of flipping back and forth to your calendar to create appointments while reading email?

With Copy2Contact, you can save any contact info to your BlackBerry address book or put new events on your BlackBerry calendar from everyday messages like "staff meeting at 12:30 tomorrow for 1/2 hour". Capture sales leads, schedule meetings, and more! It's easy and fast.

Copy2Contact is a powerful utility that automatically enters contact and appointment information into your BlackBerry address book and calendar from any source of plain text, such as an e-mail signature, SMS message, web directory, or search results. Copy2Contact eliminates tedious and error-prone copy/paste into multiple fields and will change the way you use your BlackBerry address book and calendar!


* Works with emails, search results, text messages, and more
* Eliminates tedious copy/paste and errors
* Does not require a wireless connection
* Updates existing contacts if a match is found
* Advanced AI technology tuned for 8 years on real-world data
* Also available for your PC for Outlook, Salesforce, NetSuite, and Palm Desktop at

Pricing is $9.99 USD per year and includes free updates and technical support

Please note that App World currently has a bug that prevents some users from getting their license codes. It has been confirmed by App World Support as a problem that they are working on but there is not yet a fix. Anagram Technologies will be happy to provide a license code via email if you provide your PIN and order confirmation via email until RIM gets this problem solved.

Vendor: Anagram Technologies
Ver. 1.1.1
OS: 5.0

Dowload: Download zip/rar

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