Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Color ID

Item Description
Now with support for BBM™ messages by INDIVIDUAL CONTACT!
You wanted it, you asked for it, and now it's finally here.  (Requires OS 5 or above)

Go here to view how to apply Color ID to BBM contacts:

Color ID™ is the ORIGINAL & BEST LED notifier app, period! Forget copy-cat apps that drain memory and all look the same. You need and deserve the most downloaded and TRUSTED LED color customizer app for your BlackBerry®.

Syncing with your BlackBerry® Address Book is easy! Just start typing a name from your Address Book and it will autofill the rest for you!

With over 100 possible color combinations, it's totally up to you - Maybe Yellow and Orange for your company colors, Disco for your boyfriend/girlfriend, or maybe Jersey Shore for your party people. You'll always know at a glance who's contacting you with Color ID.

Professional UI, functionality and previews by BlackBerry® professionals - not the corny cheap look of the other imitator apps that all look like they were made by the same company (and probably were).

This FULL version gives you UNLIMITED CUSTOM CONTACTS for specific colors and dedicated tech support! Awesome.

Go here to view how to apply Color ID to BBM contacts:

Updates are FREE and encouraged! Please contact us if you have any questions or issues:

Additional help & info to common questions can be found here:

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