Friday, 10 August 2012


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Send real-time pictures and chat simultaneously using ChatPics and, launching BBM™ to new levels of functionality and fun.

Snap the picture and the image appears  almost instantly on your Chatpics screen and the ChatPics screen of your BBM™ contacts you are chatting with.

You can have as many people as you want to in one ChatPics session to share real-time pictures and chat.

So, who uses ChatPics?

• Never guess at which couch to buy. Send pics and chat with your spouse simultaneously. It’s the smart thing to do.

• A real estate agent sends pics of a property to a client while chatting using BlackBerry® Messenger. She never loses touch.

• Snap the picture, and the image is sent while you stay connected using ChatPics and BBM™. With this powerful, new app, juice up your BlackBerry® – easily.

• No more emailing images and waiting for a reply. ChatPics delivers more from your BBM™, boosting productivity with smart phone multi-tasking and BlackBerry® technology.

• See the photo you sent. You don’t have to log off or upload an email attachment. With ChatPics, you see what you send working within the app itself.

• It syncs up simply like all JaredCo apps so you don’t have to reconfigure anything. Just download, and ChatPics makes itself right at home with your BBM™ settings.

Simple and endlessly functional. Just consider all the ways you’ll use ChatPics for real-time connectivity – with PICTURES!

Stay connected using BBM™. Just do more with ChatPics.

It’s a busy world. ChatPics makes it a whole lot simpler. We guarantee it.

At JaredCo, we design them, we build them and we support them.

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