Monday, 20 August 2012

BlackBerry Presenter

BlackBerry Presenter

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Item Description
RIM Store: blackberry presenter software
Presenter assists you in giving dynamic presentations by utilizing hardware that you already have: With this wireless software presentation device you can use your BlackBerry® to switch between the slides of any PowerPoint, OpenOffice or PDF presentation. Works with any bluetooth enabled Windows, Mac, or Linux computer. Substitutes input hardware like laser pointer, clickr or power point remote.

- Super easy connection with barcode scanner: Start Software on PC scan barcode, done
- No frills: Does what you need in a presentation, no more fancy unnecessary stuff
- Complete cross platform support, works with any Windows, Mac and Linux PC
- Switch slides with intuitive gestures (and volume keys)
- Blank presentation screen
- A timer that tells you how long your presentation lasts
- Lightning fast response time
- Quick and reliable connection
- Bluetooth connectivity, i.e. no dependence on WLAN coverage
- User centered design process ensures intuitive interaction

Please note: You need a small and free server program for the App.
Setup is easy: Download App from market, download and install server software from
Let the two devices connect and swipe left or right to change the slides!

Note: If devices do not pair automatically, follow the instructions from your computer to pair your devices (only required once!).

We are happy to hear from you: Please send us your feedback, this will help us improve our product.

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