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BBM Music

BBM Music
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Item Description
BBM Music makes your music collection social! With BBM Music, you can create a music profile of your favorite songs that all your BBM Music friends can listen to – and in return you can enjoy all of your friends’ profile selections. That means the more friends you have, the more music you can enjoy! You can listen to full tracks, create playlists, have conversations about music, and even listen to music offline.

New with v1.2:
• Ability to Favorite Songs and Contacts
• Intelligent Shuffle – by favorites or by genres
• More Context in Invites – invitation request displays common friend and lets you preview songs prior to accepting

• Create your music profile* from a catalogue of millions of songs and keep it fresh by swapping songs every month
• Make friends and listen to their music selections
• Play single songs or entire playlists created by friends. Listen to a giant playlist that includes all tracks from all your friends
• Create playlists that are all your own – using songs from all your friends’ profiles
• Post comments about your friends’ music and chat with them about music in real-time
• Discover what your friends are doing by watching the timeline - friends adding friends, new songs, playlists, comments
• Listen offline, while not connected to the wireless network (listen on subway, airplane, cottage, etc.)

Try Before You Buy. Enjoy a free trial offer that allows all the perks that come with the paid subscription. Go to for terms and conditions.
* Your profile is made of 50 songs that you select from millions of songs available in the BBM Music catalogue. You can keep your profile selection fresh by swapping up to 25 songs per month.

OTA: OS 5.0 | OS 6.0 | OS 7.0

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