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Item Description
AutoAnswer automatically answers incoming calls after a given number of seconds. You won’t have to touch any buttons at all.

AutoAnswer will block calls from groups of contacts or from Unknown, Withheld, Private Number etc. You can choose whether to save a log entry for blocked calls.

It works with Bluetooth car kits, Bluetooth audio stereo devices or the headset. Or you can use the handset and optionally have the speakerphone activate automatically when a call is answered.

AutoAnswer will detect the headset or an already paired Bluetooth device being connected/disconnected and automatically turn itself on/off.

Home screen on/off indicator icon.

Toggle on/off from the keypad.

Access the setup screen from the keypad.

You can choose to automatically answer calls from everybody, all contacts or groups of contacts.

For calls not automatically answered you can choose from: ignore, ignore and send SMS or manual answer. If you have call waiting enabled you can choose from: ignore, ignore and send SMS, auto answer (after a delay) or manual answer.

AutoAnswer can be set to automatically switch to the home screen when a call is answered.

If you need real hands-free operation of your BlackBerry this is the app for you!

Code: http://blackberryvietnam.net/threads/autoanswer-%E2%80%93-phan-mem-can-thiet-cho-blackberry-khi-su-dung-tai-nghe-bluetooth.1782/

Dowload: : Download zip/rar

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